Author Interview with A.K. Smith – New Release: A Deep Thing

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Author Alicia Dean

I am thrilled to introduce today’s guest, A.K. Smith. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Vegas at a conference where she pitched her story to me. She sent it to me at The Wild Rose Press, and we contracted it. Now, it’s finally released! It’s a fantastic story filled with intrigue and emotion. Please help me welcome A.K., who is going to tell us a little about herself…

Why did you choose this genre?

My first Dean Koontz book was Whispers, (the last novel he wrote on a typewriter). I was around fourteen, and I remember thinking I was reading a racy, thrilling, exciting adult novel. The pace of the book captivated me and the surprise ending fascinated me. I then went on to devour Stephen King, James Patterson, and John Grisham novels. The suspense kept me turning the pages, and I fell in love with stories that…

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Review – A Deep Thing by A.K. Smith

Chasing Away Reality


What a fabulous debut novel! This was a beautiful, mysterious, and thrilling ride. A.K. Smith expertly wove this story together, dropping little morsels of secrets and past moments shared with Tim that I savored while wondering if it was a clue to the mystery surrounding this special dive trip. She laid an intricate web of intrigue that kept me guessing who to trust and what was to be discovered till the very moments all was revealed in the final chapters.

I was immediately drawn into the lives of the characters. The pain of loss hit me hard from the start. My heart hurt for Kendall and Ryder who continued to struggle with their loss all these months later, never fully letting go of their pain until the truth was revealed. I loved how real everyone was. Kendall struggled with opening herself back up to the world. Ryder was an angry…

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A Deep Thing is on Amazon Pre-order!

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I’ve been waiting for the day my book would be available. Well, it’s not really available to read, but it is available for a pre-order on an e-book. Delivered to your kindle app on 12-19-2016. The soft-bound edition will be out in December. Perfect gift for friends and family!! Now comes all the fun of getting the word out there. An author might write a fantastic book, but if no one knows it’s out there– who can read it?


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